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Posted by at 27 August 2017

Ocim Books

Landing pages for books that are useful for cpa players, where these scripts can be useful for those of you who need a special book-themed scripts. it is actually very easy to create a landing page, but the time required is of course very limited and not a little too that until it is not right and finally give up.

Therefore I will give a kemudahaan for you where only install it, then you can do the action without thinking about other things.


  • Source: Goodreads & Google Books (With and No Api)
  • SEO Permalink
  • Responsive
  • No Database
  • Always update
  • More…


  1. Apache
  2. PHP 5.4+
  3. cURL enabled
  4. Goodreads & Google Api Key & Amazon API & No Amazon API

Demo :
Demo V2
Demo V2
Demo V3
Demo V4
Demo V5
Demo V6

Demo WordPress Plugins
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